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Preserving the History of Gliding in Great Britain

Steinadler Glider Enters Hangar

The primary aim of the Gliding Heritage Centre is to preserve our British gliding heritage and make it accessible to the public. It is an educational resource where visitors can learn about the history of gliding and the more general aspects of gliding as a sport.

Gliding Heritage Centre is a registered charity (Charity No.1148972).

Situated on Lasham Airfield; home of the world famous Lasham Gliding Society, the largest gliding club in the world, the Gliding Heritage Centre is open for visits all year round, though we run regular tours on Sunday afternoons. Weather permitting, we try to fly some of our gliders on the first Sunday of each month, please see our visits page for more details.

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The Beast Gets New Clothes!

The Beasts New Covers

The Gliding Heritage Centre would like to thank Andy Blundell from Vertigo Covers for his support on supplying the Beast's new shiny coat.

Now we can be reassured that the huge and pristine canopy will be kept safe from the sun and that any water ingress into the cockpit will be minimised.

GHC Hangar 2 Opening - 25th August 2018 - 5pm!

Hangar 2 Opening Poster

It does not seem that just a year ago the space occupied by GHC Hangar 2 was nothing more than open ground.

Thanks to all our supporters, who have been so willing to donate their money and time we are proud to announce that Hangar will receive its official opening on the 25th August 2018.

It is an amazing acheivement that GHC members and volunteers found the strength to build another hangar to protect and preserve the UK's gliding heritage.

We are really looking forward to sharing this exciting event with all our friends and supporters.

We will of course keep you updated with more details of this exciting event as they become available.

Hangar 2 Making Great Progress!

Finished H2 Floor

We finished laying the concrete for hangar 2's floor Friday 25th May. It was a huge effort but thanks to up to 26 volunteers at a time we were able to complete the task in a little over six weeks, in a total of eight pouring sessions.

Rakers and Tampers

There is one thing that we have all learned a great deal about and that is laying concrete! We have discovered the joys of pouring, raking, tamping and floating; all vital jobs that have given us results that professional builders would be proud of.

It has been a bit of a journey since we started in the spring, but again we have proved that once we set ourselves a task we pull it off.

Cleared Ground

It seems incredible now that this time last year, the location of H2 was nothing more than a piece of scrub land between Gary's shed and the Chris Wills hangar.

The ground was cleared during the summer and the first concrete was poured into the footings in late August, by Christmas the structure of the building was in place and the doors had been fabricated and hung.

At this point we could at least use the hangar for winter storage, this was compatible with our charitable status because it meant that we could still derive benefit from the building even if no further work took place.

Receiving Concrete to Pour in the Dumper

With the building complete we could landscape the surrounding meadow and lay a road that could be used by the concrete lorries when they came and also to wheel gliders in and out of the hangar when it becomes operational.

In April it became clear that the weather was warm enough as there were no more frosts, so we could begin laying the floor and thus work could begin.

It's fair to say that the job was pretty daunting, but everyone wanted to get a great result, and no one wanted a DIY disaster; so we put our backs into it and got it done!

Gary and Julian Discussing Plans

It's also true to say that none of this would have been possible without the inspirational leadership of Gary Pullen and the organisational skills of Julian Ben-David. We owe a massive debt of grattitude to them both.

If we had not had these guys at the forefront of the project then it just would not have happened, or we would have spent much more money getting the building made professionally.

There is still some work to do to complete the building; the insides need to be completed to make the hangar a fit place to store aircraft. The floor will be painted and lighting is to be installed, a general cleaning up of the interior is needed to remove the detritus left behind by the heavy work.

So that leaves the question of when do we expect to have the grand opening ceremony? We are expecting it to occur in early autumn, depending on the availability of key elements and personel. One thing is for sure though, it be a grand opening night indeed!

Historic Gliding Videos Released!

The Gliding Heritage Centre is proud to announce that a whole series of rare vintage gliding videos are now available for everyone to enjoy.

Ever wondered what it was like to experience gliding in the 1930s through to the 1950s? Now you can find out with the GHC vintage video archive. Watch the early pioneers soaring over Tower Hill in Australia in 1931 through to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh attending the 1957 UK National Gliding Championships, on our videos page. Enjoy the show!

If you would like more information about the Gliding Heritage Centre, or are considering a donation towards this very worthy cause, please follow the link to the Donations page.

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If you would like to make a deeper commitment, then please consider joining as a Member. As a member you will have the opportunity to become more deeply involved in the activities of the organisation, to serve its aims and objectives and indeed to help shape the future of the Gliding Heritage Centre.

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