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Preserving the History of Gliding in Great Britain

Steinadler Glider Enters Hangar

The primary aim of the Gliding Heritage Centre is to preserve our British gliding heritage and make it accessible to the public. It is an educational resource where visitors can learn about the history of gliding and the more general aspects of gliding as a sport.

Gliding Heritage Centre is a registered charity (Charity No.1148972).

Situated on Lasham Airfield; home of the world famous Lasham Gliding Society, the largest gliding club in the world, the Gliding Heritage Centre is open for visits all year round, though we run regular tours on Sunday afternoons. Weather permitting, we try to fly some of our gliders on the first Sunday of each month, please see our visits page for more details.

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2nd Hangar Fund nears £80,000 milestone!

We must give a big thank you to Geoff Moore who has very kindly donated £10,000 to our second hangar fund bringing the grand total to £79,071.

Geoff is an avid supporter of the GHC and also the Vintage Glider Club, having previously donated his Mu-13d glider to the GHC collection and he attended the very first VGC rally at Husbands Bosworth in 1973.

This means that we are now over 60% of the way towards our target of £130,000 and within £1,000 of triggering the build process of the hangar.

But the good news does not stop there...

We have just been donated the last ever Slingsby designed two-seater glider to be built!

The YS 53 turning finals to land

The GHC would like to thank to Yvonne & Henry Stott and Alison & Paul Myers of Bowland Forest Gliding Club for their donation of the last remaining airworthy Yorkshire Sailplanes YS 53 Sovereign.

The glider is in superb condition and has already flown with us, the view from inside is fabulous thanks to its large glazed canopy. We think it will become a very popular member of the GHC collection.

42 Hours and 2 Minutes!

The Cadet at Malborough

That was the total time flown by our gliders in our most successful task week ever.

Out of a total of seven flying days put aside for vintage task week, GHC gliders flew six days and attempted cross country tasks on all of them. The longest distance covered was 320Km covered by Richard Moyse in his Slingsby Sky between Lasham and Hembury Hill in Dorset. The Steinadler flew 200k, being flown by Garry Coppin and Andy Aveling, who are more used to flying an Arcus T. The Cadet Mk1 flew 60k, which is an excellent flight for such a small and primitive glider

The week was won however by Alan Baker, who's consistent performance flying the Oly 463 put him on podium position, closely followed by Derek Copeland flying Bertie the Bocian.

We are hoping that next year will be just as good, if not better!

The official opening of the GHC Simulator

GHC Flight Simulator

Last Thursday saw the opening of the newly completed GHC simulator.

Built by GHC members: Colin Simpson, Tony Fendall, Paul Jackman, Tony Newbery, Trevor Hills and painted by Richard Moyse; the simulator is built from a derelict Lo100 fusalage sourced from London Gliding Club and uses the Condor gliding software to simulate flying over Lasham in a vintage glider.

We hope the sim will become a firm favourite with GHC visitors and we hope to eventually to transport it to local events to give the public a taste of what vintage flying is all about.

Big thanks go to the above mentioned team, plus Geoff Moore and Ron Page from Dunstable for finding and supplying us with the glider.

The Scott Viking 1 has made its first flights at the GHC, read about it HERE

What is it like to go flying in a vintage glider?

Watch how to fly a T21 glider by the seat of your pants!

Scott Viking 1

Read how the last of this innovative and historic British glider came to join the GHC collection HERE

If you would like more information about the Gliding Heritage Centre, or are considering a donation towards this very worthy cause, please follow the link to the Donations page.

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