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Here is a compilation of fascinating articles that document our gliding heritage in the United Kingdom. Written by our gliding experts within the Gliding Heritage Centre, these articles present the development of British gliders, notable personalities in the gliding movement and the development of gliding as a sport and a means of war.

When new articles appear, they are added to this page and announced within the news section of the GHC website.

Click on any of the titles in the table below to read the full article.

Manuel Hawk History of the Hawk design by Bill Manuel. 26 Sep 2013 Howard Torode
Slingsby Guide Guide to wooden sailplanes by Slingsbys. 05 Mar 2014 Glyn Bradney
Elliotts Guide v.3 Guide to sailplanes by Elliotts of Newbury v.3. 14 Aug 2014 Glyn Bradney
Scott Viking Guide v.3 Guide to Scott Viking gliders by Scott Aviation Ltd. v.3 15 Jun 2014 Glyn Bradney
Bill Manuel Guide v.5 Guide to gliders designed and built by Bill Manuel. v.5 14 Aug 2014 Glyn Bradney
Ladislav Marmol The Ladislav Marmol Story 01 Sep 2014 Tony Fendall
Abbott Baynes Guide The Scud gliders built by Abbott Baynes of Farnham v.2 08 Sep 2014 Glyn Bradney
The BAC Gliders Guide v.2 Gliders designed and built by the British Aircraft Company 25 Jan 2014 Glyn Bradney
British Military Gliders v.2 British designed and built military gliders 19 Oct 2014 Glyn Bradney
History of British Gliding Part One, v.2 History of British Gliding up to the end of World War Two 14 Feb 2015 Glyn Bradney
The History and Development of High Performance Sailplanes Howard Torode and Afandi Darlington's Presentation to the Royal Aeronautical Society Historical Branch, Charting the History and Future of High Performance Sailplane Design. 16 Mar 2015 Howard Torode / Afandi Darlington
The History of Lasham Airfield The History of Lasham Airfield 28 Apr 2015 Glyn Bradney
Glider Configurations A technical discussion on the problems and solutions of glider design 31 May 2015 Howard Torode
GHC Autumn Newsletter GHC Autumn Newsletter 2015 4 Nov 2015 The GHC Team
Best British Comp Pilots The Best British Competition Pilots from the Wooden Era 12 Dec 2015 Glyn Bradney
Southdown Gliding Club GHC member Barry Smith recalls learning to fly at Southdown Gliding Club in the 1950's 5 Mar 2016 Barry Smith
GHC Spring Newsletter GHC Interim Spring Newsletter 2016 4 May 2016 The GHC Team
Scott Viking first GHC flights A pictorial record of the Scott Viking's first flights at Lasham as part of the GHC fleet 16 May 2016 Glyn Bradney
Soaring Weather Is gliding weather getting better or worse? Glyn Bradney analyses Lasham comps results to find out. 31 Oct 2016 Glyn Bradney
GHC Winter Newsletter GHC Winter Newsletter 2016/2017. 29 Jan 2017 The GHC Team
GHC Spring Newsletter GHC Spring Newsletter 2018 14 Apr 2018 The GHC Team
Colin Anson Story Part 1 AUDIO - Colin Anson Talks To Rex Moorey & Ted Hull Pt. 1 06 Jun 2018 The GHC Team
Colin Anson Story Part 2 AUDIO - Colin Anson Talks To Rex Moorey & Ted Hull Pt. 2 06 Jun 2018 The GHC Team
Gary Pullen - Flying the T38 AUDIO - Gary Pullen Talks About Flying The T38 Grasshopper 13 Jun 2018 The GHC Team
GHC Autumn Newsletter GHC Autumn Newsletter 2018 12 Sep 2018 The GHC Team

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