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Our collection is always growing, and we endeavour to keep as many of them as possible in an airworthy condition. But insurance restrictions and currency of CofA may restrict their availability to be flown

Click on the name of the glider in the TYPE column to learn more about each aircraft.

Olympia 460 Elliotts of Newbury 1960 1172 G-APWL RAFGSA 268 Flyable This is the prototype, kindly donated by AFE Oxford
Scud-I Abbott-Baynes (Replica) 1931 (3922)     Static On loan from the Brooklands Museum.
Scud-II (Abbott-Baynes) 1935 231 G-ALOT   Static Purchased from the Shuttleworth Trust, arrived at Lasham 6th October 2017.
Scud III Abbott-Baynes 1936 283 G-ALJR   Grounded Kindly donated by Laurie Woodage.
Clarke Chanute TWK Clarke & Co 1910     BAPC-100 Static Kindly loaned by the Royal Aero Club Trust.
EoN Baby Elliotts of Newbury 1949 628 G-ALRU   Static Kindly donated by Bob Kent.
EoN Eton Elliotts of Newbury 1951     WP270 Static Ex RAF Museum Reserve Collection.
Olympia 2b Elliotts of Newbury 1958 962   BGR Grounded Kindly donated by Mike Gagg.
Olympia 463 Elliotts of Newbury 1965 1373   BZV Grounded Kindly donated by Bruce Cooper.
Grunau Baby Hersteller Flugzeugbau 1952 5066 D-6932 KFW Static Kindly donated by Roger Slade.
Lo 100 W. Hirth 1953 3915   HFS Static In use as the GHC flight simulator.
JSH Scorpion J. Halford 1977 2146   500 Static Donated by the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum.
Weihe Jacobs Schweyer 1943 448 G-ALJW LJW Static Kindly donated by Nick Jaffrey.
Kaiser Ka3 Kaiser 1958 2689   EHB Grounded Kindly donated by Leigh Hood.
Drone Kronfeld Ltd. 1936 NA G-AEKV   Static On loan from the Brooklands Museum.
TG-4 Laister- Kaufmann 1942 NA NA USAAF
Static Kindly Donated by Douglas Ogle, Brighton, Ontario
J. Lemp 1943 NA NA HB-357 Grounded Kindly donated by the estate of the late David Braham.
Willow Wren Manuel 1932 162     No On loan from the Brooklands Museum.
Hawk Manuel 1969 1778     No Kindly donated by Tom Coldwell.
Crested Wren Manuel 1986 NA     No Kindly donated by Barbara Reed.
MG19A Oberlerchner 1955 2903   ERZ
Yes Kindly donated by the estate of the late Chris Wills.
Colditz Cock Replica   NA     No On loan from South East Aircraft Services.
MU13-D Scheibe Flugzeubau 1957 2267   D-1327 Yes Kindly donated by Geoff Moore.
Zugvogel 3b Scheibe 1963 3624 G-CFYE FYE No Kindly donated by Pete Purdie
Zugvogel 3b Scheibe 1964 2779   ELV Yes Kindly donated by Daniel Chidley
Bergfalk 55 - II Scheibe 1963 4111 G-DHOC HOC Yes Kindly donated by Rainer Karch
KA 6E Schleicher 1968 1452   G-KSIX No Kindly donated by Chris Sterritt.
Scott Viking 1 Scott Light Aviation 1938 416 G-ALRD AHU Yes Purchased from Willem de Baars with appeal funds raised by Bob Van Aalst
Gull-III Slingsby 1939 643     No On loan from the Brooklands Museum.
Grasshopper Slingsby 1953 N/A   XA225 No Kindly donated by Ian Pattingale - In Storage.
Grasshopper Slingsby 1962 4372   JBA Yes Kindly donated by Paul Wheatcroft & Gary Pullen.
T8 Tutor Slingsby 1946 485     No Kindly donated by Bob and Sylvia Van Aalst.
Prefect T30A Slingsby 1948 599 G-ALLF ARK Yes Prototype Prefect, Kindly donated by John Hopkins & Kevin Fresson.
Prefect T30B Slingsby 1958 815   BAN Yes Kindly donated by Sir John Allison.
Skylark 2 Slingsby 1955 729   AWX Yes Kindly donated by Graham Leach.
Skylark 3b Slingsby 1959 870   155 Yes Kindly donated by Jeffrey Price.
Skylark 3f Slingsby 1961 1004   BJK Yes Kindly donated by Ron Page.
Dart 15 Slingsby 1964 1187 G-DBSA BSA No Prototype Dart, Kindly donated by Robin Birch.
Swallow Slingsby 1967 1365   BZM Yes Kindly donated by Francis Webster
Foka 4 SZD Poland 1963 1414 G-DCBP CBP Yes Kindly donated by Leslie Nicholson and Gwyneth Sutton
YS 53 Yorkshire Sailplanes 1974 1897 G-DCXV CXV Yes Kindly donated by Yvonne & Henry Stott and Alison & Paul Myers
Z24 Zlin 1946 655   OK-8592 Yes Kindly donated by John Dredge
SZD-30 Pirat PZL Bielsko 1969 1596 G-DCKD N/A Yes Kindly donated by John Halford
The following gliders are in private ownership - but are also made available to the collection from time to time.
Olympia 403 Elliotts of Newbury 1957 1278 G-APEW   Yes
Olympia 2b Elliotts of Newbury 1959 1029   127 Yes RAE Farnborough Gliding Club 1959-1977
Grunau Baby Hawkridge 1948 578 G-ALSO AQN Yes  
Hutter 17 John Lee 1989 3661   FZT Yes  
Sky Slingsby 1954 2284   DPZ Yes  
Grunau Baby Schneider 1945 1910   CYJ No In storage
Falcon T1 replica Southdown Aero Services 1986 3186     Yes Came to Lasham May 2017
Kadet Mk1 Otley Motors 1943 731   AWZ Yes  
T8 Tutor Slingsby 1948 1698   CPL Yes  
Kite 2B Slingsby 1947 663     Yes  
T21B Martin Hearn 1950 3148   993 (WB990) Yes  
T21B Slingsby 1950 673   N21
(LS 31)
Sky Slingsby 1950 685   AVB Yes 1952 Festival of Britain
T31B Slingsby 1954     XE799 No Ex RAF XE799
Skylark 2 Slingsby 1956 759   AYD Yes  
T31B Slingsby 1959     XN243 Yes Ex RAF XN243
Eagle T42b Slingsby 1959 880   45 Yes Ex Imperial College Gliding Club
T31M Slingsby (Modified) 1962 N/A G-AYAN      
T31M Slingsby (Modified) 1962 N/A        
T31 Slingsby 1962 3229   FFQ Yes Ex RAF XE800
Skylark 4 Slingsby 1962 1066   BLZ Yes  
Skylark 4 Slingsby 1963 1095   BNE Yes  
Swallow Slingsby 1963 3823   HBX Yes  
Swallow Slingsby 1966 1331   BYB Yes Recovered as XS651.
Capstan Slingsby 1964 1183   BRW Yes  
Bocian 1d SZD 1960 998 G-DBJD BJD Yes  

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