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Spring Newsletter now available

The Newsletter for Spring is now available here

Progress on the Trish Williams Workshop

The GHC workshop is getting very close to completion and becoming operational Ė operational likely early January 2021, weíll announce it here. What an odyssey itís been! Actual construction after a lot of preparatory work started in the Spring and by early June we had an insulated shell. Then the concrete laying for the floor. Once completed we began the mammoth task of putting together the internal structure and equipping it.

Thatís now pretty well complete and building regulation sign-off is expected before the end of December. A colossal effort and the great majority of it achieved through voluntary labour, though the results have been acknowledged as being of a very high professional standard!

Below are some photos taken over the summer showing the rapid progress and the current build progress.

The interior of the main workshop area

Workshop Interior

Peter Bunnage places the vane on the roof, while the treasurer looks worried about possible future insurance claims

Workshop Interior

The meeting room and viewing area in progress

Workshop Interior

During the build of the interior walls

Workshop Interior

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